domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Answers in class

About Fernando Matos.

What is your favorite holiday?
When do you celebrate this Holiday?
What do you do on this Holiday?

His Favorite Holiday is Hallowen.
He celebrate on October 31th.
He go to party

Homework Unit 8 .The paragraph about my

My name's Veronica Navarro.

My favorite month of the year 
is February, because is my

My favorite day of week is
Friday because I go to party
Sometime. My favorite day of
the year is my birthday.
I celebrate my bithday at 
restaurant or at home with 
my family and friends.
My birthday is on February 9th.
I was born in 1991.
I'm 20 years old.

Homework Unit 7 . Schedule

From Monday to Friday morning, I go to URBE.
From  Monday to Friday afternoon, It's my time for rest and, study any subjet.
From  Monday to Friday evening, I go to CEVAZ.

On Saturday all day I am with my family, sometime, I go to the Malls With my Friends.
On Sunday morning, I have instrumentation course, but after I go to home with my family.

domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Hold My Hand.. *.*

It's a beautiful song and video.

it's message is very beautiful, sometimes destroyed every day of our lives with a discussion that makes us unhappy, and we not see that maybe this is the last day of our lives.
  love is important for the world,  move heaven and earth, parental love, couple love, family love, friendship love.
  and not allow ourselves helping  for those people who really love us, so sometimes we must take the hand of the person we want to help.

As said  in the song:  third stanza


Poem - URBE and Poem For Mom

Hello people this is my blog..! 

  I will post my school homework for Level 2 my teacher is  Doris Molero, she's  a  person amazing and creative, this blog is a homework the class. I will it to practice writing my English and also the exchange of information with my classmate.  


  I like shopping every day with my mom, because is relax and, I'm a woman shopaholic, I love it. Also I like listening music all time, but my favorite group is Chino y nacho and my favorite singer is Ricardo Arjona.

  I Love electronic music it’s fabulous, my DJ’s Favorites are:  David GuettaBasshunterPaul Van Dyk , Tiesto.
          I like also staying with my family always, talking with my friends, and go to the malls with my friend and family too.
         I don't like the darkness, I don’t like the food cool.  I hate the people false and the injustice. I can't stand people smoking, and I can't stand people moody.   

       My dream is to travel around the world , visit many cities in the world, but First  I want to graduate for be successful in the life and be a good engineer. I want married and start a beautiful family.

     About English, I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important in my life and my career , I want  speaking  good English, For me  Is the universal language . I find it hard to capture the information in English. I Want to be the best in this class.

Only you can achieve your goals. Smile is the best in the life.

Welcome and leave your comment..!! :)