domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Hello people this is my blog..! 

  I will post my school homework for Level 2 my teacher is  Doris Molero, she's  a  person amazing and creative, this blog is a homework the class. I will it to practice writing my English and also the exchange of information with my classmate.  


  I like shopping every day with my mom, because is relax and, I'm a woman shopaholic, I love it. Also I like listening music all time, but my favorite group is Chino y nacho and my favorite singer is Ricardo Arjona.

  I Love electronic music it’s fabulous, my DJ’s Favorites are:  David GuettaBasshunterPaul Van Dyk , Tiesto.
          I like also staying with my family always, talking with my friends, and go to the malls with my friend and family too.
         I don't like the darkness, I don’t like the food cool.  I hate the people false and the injustice. I can't stand people smoking, and I can't stand people moody.   

       My dream is to travel around the world , visit many cities in the world, but First  I want to graduate for be successful in the life and be a good engineer. I want married and start a beautiful family.

     About English, I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important in my life and my career , I want  speaking  good English, For me  Is the universal language . I find it hard to capture the information in English. I Want to be the best in this class.

Only you can achieve your goals. Smile is the best in the life.

Welcome and leave your comment..!! :)

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